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Smart Forstars Concept @Paris 2012


The wildest of the bunch was the Smart Forstars concept. They call the Mini Cooper-looking car a sports utility coupe, though it looks like a hatchback to us. The name comes from the glass dome on the roof that gives passengers a view of the sky.

The Forstars uses the new Smart Brabus electric drive 60-kW motor. It features software that can connect with a smartphone to set the temperature before you get in the car. The big feature is a projector that aims out the front of the car and can project a movie onto any surface. It works from a Bluetooth connection on a phone. A high-quality sound system in the doors provides the audio.



McLaren P1 Here

A car produced by a company with the most historic success this side of Ferrari in Grand Prix competition would aim for nothing less.

McLaren says this will be a range-topping version for its lineup, which includes coupe and spider versions of the MP4-12C. The company will use technology from that supercar—and advance it. Specs are not confirmed, but we expect the P1 will employ an upgraded version of the twin-turbo V8 fortified with KERS. Plus McLaren’s carbon-fiber monocoque will advance lightweight technology even further.

The 2012 Paris motor show, or as it is officially known – Mondail de l’Automobile – will take place Sept. 27 through Oct. 14, 2012. It occurs every two years alternating with the Frankfurt motor show in Germany. The Paris motor show is a spotlight for the latest in design, but automakers will also be showing off their latest concept cars, green cars and supercars.

Classic American Steel – Forbes Collection

See the whole Show Here:

Lotus Evora – Have You Bought One?

Despite the global downturn, Group Lotus business is

buoyant with the introduction of the all-new car, the

Evora, and increased contract engineering

Monday, 4

the long-awaited new Lotus Evora at Loch Lomond in Scotland, a launch

which has now been hailed as a huge success for the company.

Long-awaited for most companies might be a few years, but for Lotus it is the

first all-new car in 14 years and all staff are extremely proud of achieving this

exceptional product in just 27 months from a blank sheet of paper to start of

production. That it is a car designed to meet the legislative requirements of,

and be sold in 41 countries worldwide, including the USA, further underlines

this achievement.

Now motoring editors and photographers have experienced the performance

and specifications of the Evora for themselves in Scotland, Lotus also wanted

to bring to the attention of business editors some key points which it believe to

be extremely newsworthy in the current global business environment.

th May 2009 saw the beginning of a two-week long press launch of

Increasing Production

The current global economic situation is well known to everyone and UK

manufacturing is suffering especially. But partly through prudent long term

strategic planning and partly through the efforts of its global team, Lotus is

currently increasing production output to cope with demand for the Evora, the

19 May 2009

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new 2+2 mid-engined sportscar, as well as the Elise and Exige small-platform

cars. Lotus is recruiting a considerable number of new production and

engineering staff to cover increased requirements both in vehicle production

and its international high technology engineering consultancy business.

Production in the 2009/10 financial year is planned with confidence to increase

by 50% over the previous year and the number of direct production staff will

increase by 30% during the same period.

Lotus Evora