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First U.S. 2012 Audi TT RS

Ex Grand-Am driver Don Istook from Fort Worth, Texas, is the lucky customer  who took delivery of the first Audi TT RS model on U.S. shores since the 2008  Audi RS4.

Istook was one of the 11,500 fans who signed the petition to bring the TT RS  here, so it’s only fitting that he gets one of the early copies.

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Rachel Linder – City Scape

Changing gears now, one of our projects in Illustrator was to create a city scape. Well here is mine. We were to take an existing picture and redraw it as a vector. I took it one step farther and brought in many, many buildings on a prospective and made it appear that it was a planet looking out over the earth. Kind of a sci-fi, comic book feel to it.