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Tire Tube Necklace by Ewenique Creations

Modern meets vintage in the most unusual way!

This collar necklace was upcycled from an inner tube tire with rubber flowers, vintage crochet, modern crochet, glass beads, mother of pearl buttons and a soft felt backing added after the first photo shoot. I love the black contrast with the bright yellow and cream…


Vintage Costume Jewlery

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Rachel’s Ewenique Creations

Free to Stand

Free to Stand

Rachel Linder
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Looking For Work


I dabble in 3 dimensional arts such as jewelry, crochet, metal smithing, glass, clothing and fiber art. I love the computer and everything about it. I think if I were in High School now I would have pursued the Visual Arts in college. I’ve recently overcome my fear of Photoshop and have started producing ideas from my subconscious. Some of my favorite artists are Maxfield Parrish and Maggie Taylor. My goal is to produce pictures that are dream like and do not look like a typical photo. I hope to have the courage to jump in and let myself experiment with these techniques……….