Through the Tired Eyes of Faith

Kansas – Live in Omaha 1982 remaster [FULL SHOW]

Enjoy this full show by old era Kansas! I’ve digitally enhanced both sound and image (in 16:9) to make this 30 year old gem shine again. In 1981 Kansas was the top grossing live act worldwide and this recording from the following year clearly shows the reasons for that: unsurpassed individual musical skills and impeccably tight playing as a collective. Live the band sounded even better than on their studio albums. I mean, just compare the album version of a song like Crossfire to what you hear here… This is the original line-up minus Steve Walsh, who had left a few months before and had been replaced by John Elefante. Also helping out during the Vinyl Confessions live shows was Warren Ham, formerly of Bloodrock. He would later be asked to join Toto but went on and joined Kerry Livgren and Dave Hope instead to form the band AD. Interestingly enough, after Kansas’ initial demise in 1984 John Elefante was also asked to join Toto as their new lead singer, but he declined as well.


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