Through the Tired Eyes of Faith

Toyota FT-86 Photos Unveilied

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The 86 hits a top speed of 142 mph and can do a 0-to-62-mph run in six seconds. But raw speed is not the goal, says chief engineer Tetsuya Tada. The model’s true mission is multifold:

— Achieve a low price point that can lure recent college graduates.

— Strive for fun-to-drive handling with a low center of gravity.

— Strip out fancy electronic-control systems and turbochargers.

— Deliver a ride that can be easily customized and tuned by car buffs.

Toyota hasn’t disclosed a price or gas-mileage estimates. But the company has said it is targeting a sticker around 2 million yen ($26,000). Tada said the goal is to price the car in a range that would be affordable to recent college graduates.


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