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Audi Revives the A2 with Frankfurt Concept

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Audi  has officially confirmed plans for a lightweight, electric successor to the  A2–six years after the first-generation model ceased production.

Previewed by a four-seat concept car set to  make its world debut at the Frankfurt motor show this  month, the four-door hatchback retains the distinctive one-and-half-box  silhouette, short overhangs and shallow greenhouse treatment of the original  A2–still considered one of the most advanced small cars ever put into  large-scale production because of its lightweight aluminum spaceframe  construction and 1,973-pound curb weight.

But while the first-generation A2, launched in 1999, boasted a rounded,  Bauhaus-inspired exterior design, the new A2–tentatively set to go on sale in  2013–gets a more technical appearance in keeping with other recent new Audi  models. The new A2 is set to share elements of its chassis and underpinnings  with the A1.

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