Through the Tired Eyes of Faith

2012 Ferrari 458 Spider Revealed

Ferrari has unveiled the 458 Spider, claiming it to be the first series-production, mid-rear-engine car to be equipped with a folding hardtop roof.

to make its public debut at next month’s Frankfurt motor show, the 458
Spider forgoes the traditional fabric hood used by the earlier 430
Spider for a newly developed, Ferrari-patented
hardtop claimed to automatically fold back and stow ahead of the engine
bay in 14 seconds at the press of a dashboard-mounted button.

aluminum structure, which Ferrari describes as being fully integrated
into the styling of the 458, is claimed to weigh 55 pounds, less than
the fabric roof arrangement of the 430. It is also said to have been
engineered without compromising aerodynamics or performance–although
the official photographs released by Ferrari only show the 458 Spider
with its roof stowed.


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